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Our Vision

Did you know that In Lebanon, the Transaction Cost (Hidden Costs) of Buying a property accounts for 14.6% of the Value of the apartment?


If you hate Economics, Transaction Cost refers to all costs that are related to the Transaction OTHER than the selling price of the Product/Service.

Transaction Costs for Real Estate In Lebanon include the Following:

- Legal Fees (Registration and Stamps)- This is unfortunately Inevitable and a huge source of revenue for the Economy

- Search Cost (Endless hours of Time and Money waste - Traffic Jam only makes it worst)

- Real Estate Brokers Conflict of Interest with Buyers

- Bank search and paper work

- Opportunity Cost of not choosing your First Best Choice caused by asymmetry of Information

- Frustration and Deceptions (Especially in the era of Photoshoped pictures)

- Speculative and Inflated prices

When Transaction Cost is Lowered to a Minimum, Economists call it a 'REVOLUTION'

How can this be solved?

Clear Estate Revolution

Real (Non retouched) Full HD movies of the Building and its neighborhood while sitting at home using the latest Information Technologies (Website and Mobile Apps)

Home Feeling 'Atelier' in which you could watch Property Movies in 3D with the assistance of Clear Estate Consultants that will assist you - Free of Charge - in choosing your First Best Choice

Instant Hot Line preapproval through our Bank Partners

Advanced Statistical Analysis of your favorite area

The Revolution has started, now it's your turn to Love your Country and Invest in it