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Why Lebanon?

ClearEstate Revolution will not settle before lowering the Transaction Cost to '5.8%' (The Average Legal registration fees).

We strongly believe that Lebanon is a Holy Land, thus every attempt of Speculation and Fake bubbles based on Investor Greed should be stopped.

ClearEstate Revolution through its constant Client Education will make sure that Information is easily and widely spread so that no Lebanese citizen or Expat falls in the trap of misleading speculations.

Lebanon offers many advantages over other developed countries in terms of Size and skilled work force that can ensure an effective spread of knowledge and information and significant Statistical testing. By backing ClearEstate Revolution you will be joining us in ensuring the following:

- If Transaction Cost Decreases from 14% to 5.8%, we ensure an injection of approximately 95 Million Dollars YEARLY in the economy.

- When Transaction Cost decreases Real Estate Investors will venture in Lebanon over other neighboring and non neighboring countries-Even if the ROI is lower.

- Lebanese Expats will be motivated to invest in Fixed Assets that will link them further to their mother land.

- The Lebanese Economy will avail a low risk sector that will improve all Macro economical ratios and imply further monetary stability

- Social Justice will be ensured through the Neoclassical theory of Economic Efficiency and Welfare.